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Mobile that moves people

We believe mobile ads should move people. Move people to remember a brand, move people to act, move people to engage. After all, if you can’t move people, you aren’t mobile. We help brands and developers reach, engage, and acquire their most valuable users through data driven mobile targeting, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning at big data scale. In a world where mobile is the place to be, Taptica is the way to go.

uniquely in one box.


Our system powers data-driven solutions for stronger targeting and mobile campaign analyses, so that we can always deliver the right ads to the right users at just the right moments.


Our system finds the user groups that will meet your KPI targets:


Mobile Targeting
& Display

  • Creative optimization
  • Frequency capping
  • Based on CPM or CPC


  • Retarget lapsed users
  • Maximize engagement and mobile revenue
  • Deep-linking to increase user interaction
  • Based on CPA

App Install

  • Maximize app users
  • Precise targeting
  • Based on CPI, CPE, CPA, or CPC
  • Guaranteed conversion-to-pay ratio

Social that engages

Taptica’s proven social solution combines machine-learning algorithms, auto-optimization technology, and expert support to bring your social campaigns to the next level.

As a badged Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner, Taptica provides world-class technology, together with big data and years of social experience to ensure maximum ROI across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Apple Search. As Facebook & Instagram Marketing Partners, we are proven experts, vetted for excellence and ready to help businesses grow at scale on both platforms.


Data Management Platform

Our DMP contains 220M+ profiles based on IDFA lists. Applying this data on social offers exclusive user reach that’s unrivaled by any other partner.


In-House Creative Studio

Access custom, brand-safe ad creative, based on proven image concepts, historical data, and the strongest trends across industries.


Automated Optimization

Improve campaign performance with custom rules and fully-automated bid & budget optimization according to your LTV goals.


Expert Account Management

Combining top-tier programmatic technology and expert human support, you can rest assured that your campaigns are in good hands 24/7.

Video that excites

Our complete video solution offers publishers access to quality content monetization, and advertisers the means to reach a high ROI at scale. We focus on maximizing impact and engagement through a variety of video ad formats across screens. We combine our innovative targeting abilities with video’s promise of interactivity to ensure your video reaches the right user.


Easy Implementation

An easy-to-implement customizable video player offered in multiple sizes.


In-Stream Ads

The best campaigns from known brands.


Proven Engagement

Video click-through rates are exponentially higher than other ad formats, making the return on investment even greater.


Display that works

Taptica bridges the gap between publishers looking to effectively monetize their traffic and advertisers looking to drive quality traffic to their products. Our programmatic solution connects the dots between content, audiences, and media buying ensuring brands reach their target audience and publishers get the most from their space.



Reach your audience through non-intrusive, highly effective native ads or select from a variety of other formats including pop-ups, sliders, stay-ons, and other types of rich media, all proven to reach higher engagement and install rates.



We fulfill your need for transparent, cost-effective communication, meeting campaign objectives in an environment that protects your brand safely.



Our cutting-edge optimization algorithms direct the highest performance ads to your site. In short, we will maximize your ad revenue. In even shorter, MONEY.


At Taptica you can
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Mobile accounts for almost half of all digital ad spend, says IAB UK