A leading Korean advertising agency approached Taptica to help drive new users for one of their top partners. The client is the developer behind one of biggest mobile shopping markets in Korea, with nearly 50 million users across the country.


The developer sought to drive new purchasing users for their mobile app, focusing on Korea exclusively. With a number of stringent targets for audience growth and engagement, the team focused their critical outcomes around KPIs like purchase rates and cost per purchase (CPP).

The Taptica Approach

Taptica set to work optimizing targeted mobile user acquisition campaigns within Korea, tracking the developer’s essential post-install events like app opens, product page views, cost per purchase, and reinstalls to hone in on their most relevant audience.

By assessing in-depth A/B testing and creative insights at regular intervals, the team was able to identify what kind of imagery and product focus was most appealing, and ultimately most effective, in driving new customer acquisition and purchases.

Our client is very happy with Taptica’s mobile campaigns. For an app that already has between 10 and 50 million active users, we’re thoroughly impressed with the scale of acquisition and purchase rate their team has been able to achieve.” Marketing Manager


Taptica’s mobile campaigns drove substantial impact in audience growth and engagement, all the while surpassing the developer’s fiscal goals, including: a CPP 38% below target, a CPA 46% below benchmark goals, a 60% increase in total monthly revenue, and a 50% increase in new user acquisition.