Food & Drink

A leading digital media agency approached Taptica to convert new purchasing users for their client’s mobile app.Their client offers the most-loved delivery and takeout app in the US. With the best restaurants, full menus, and no hidden fees, their app is the best way to get what you’re craving, fast.


Looking to drive new user acquisition for their food delivery client across the United States, the agency partnered with Taptica to launch mobile app install campaigns geared toward users that would go on to complete new orders.

The Taptica Approach

Focusing on 20 major cities inside the US, Taptica optimized their targeting toward high consumption mobile users with a penchant for in-app activity and purchases – groups typically comprised of urban dwellers, travelers with on-the-go lifestyles, and tech-savvy foodies around the country.

With highly detailed targeting and optimization strategies for each key market, Taptica’s mobile campaigns scaled quickly to hit the brand’s goals for new order rates and costs. By optimizing their pace for volume, cost per new order (CPN), and creative iterations for each metro on a regular basis, Taptica was able to ensure that these campaigns were always performing full force to convert the most engaged potential audiences.

We’ve been very impressed with Taptica’s acquisition campaigns for our client. They’ve managed to consistently achieve significant national scale, while still reaching our KPI goals.” – Senior Internet Marketing Consultant, Programmatic


The brand’s mobile campaigns quickly went above and beyond their overall benchmarks for app install and new order rates, including: