A leading international eCommerce developer joined Taptica in search of large-scale new shopper acquisition. Their website and app offer one of the world’s leading online shopping experiences, featuring more than 1 million quality products at low prices every day.


Seeking extensive new shopper acquisition, the developer partnered with Taptica to reach high quality users around Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates, all in accordance with several stringent performance goals.

The Taptica Approach

Taptica launched international app install campaigns that they continuously optimized based on product page visits, add-to-cart rates, user retention, and overall return on investment.

To better diversify and engage the developer’s most valuable potential userbase, Taptica also optimized the developer’s mobile campaigns with custom video and static ad creative produced by their in-house studio. These iterations were then carefully localized to appeal to their widest international audience and open up new traffic sources that would significantly increase campaign scale.

This strategy enabled the developer to expand their campaigns into all new geos that they hadn’t previously targeted, including standout high performers like Egypt, Indonesia, and Europe.

Taptica has driven amazing results across all of our main geos. They’ve steadily become one of our top spenders and helped push us to expand into some all new markets with great success.” Marketing Specialist


The eCommerce developer’s mobile app install campaigns steadily drove impressive new UA at scale and quality that surpassed their KPI parameters, including: a ROI more than double the initial objectives, and add-to-cart rate 4x above target, a retention rate 15% above goal, and a page view rate 18% above benchmarks.