A popular eCommerce brand worked with Taptica to generate new installs for their mobile app. The app’s massive inventory selection is constantly changing, with thousands of new products launched each day at unbeatable prices.


The brand partnered with Taptica to launch targeted mobile app install campaigns within the US. Seeking to acquire purchasing users on Android and iOS, the teams worked together to optimize toward men and women with an interest in discount fashion and home décor.

The Taptica Approach

By carefully monitoring traffic source and audience quality based on key metrics like CR, MTTI, and open rates, the team was able to intelligently sharpen their targeting strategy to ensure only the highest quality installs and downstream app engagement.

And, with regular creative rotation featuring the latest best-sellers and special offers, Taptica effectively ensured that ads remained relevant to each new sale and the specific cohorts most likely to engage.

Given the magnitude of our campaign scale and consistent cuts to our CPAs, Taptica has become our top-performing mobile vendor.” Growth Marketing Lead


The brand’s national mobile acquisition campaigns drove a strong uptick in their active mobile user base and overall return on ad spend, ultimately setting Taptica apart as their top vendor with the lowest CPAs.