A leading European entertainment company partnered with Taptica to drive installs for one of their top casino apps. The app is a unique social poker game with a Wild West adventure twist, where users play high-stakes games to claim back Texas.


The developer approached Taptica with the goal of driving high quality user acquisition for their hit poker app. Seeking new Android and iOS users from eight tier one geos globally, the teams collaborated on international mobile campaigns that would drive quality at scale.

The Taptica Approach

After beginning their collaboration with CPI campaigns, further performance assessment led them to test out a new CPE-based pricing model for greater quality assurance. By targeting a unique multi-point engagement event, the campaigns quickly increased the developer’s ability to reach their most stringent engagement goals. This optimization also sent their downstream ROI skyrocketing, as users who engaged frequently early on were ultimately more likely to continue playing and purchasing new items for the game later on.

Based on these strong initial results, the developer quickly opted to add several new geos to expand their positive upward trajectory to new markets.

Working with Taptica to run on a CPE model was a game changer for our campaigns. We know we’re only paying for the best quality users, and our resulting ROI has been a testament to that fact.” Product Owner


Within three months of their CPE campaign launch, the app saw a significant increase in conversions, games played, and downstream ROI, including: