Travel is a global flight aggregator that secures the lowest travel fares across the web. Their unique Virtual Interlining technology scans flight connections from more than 700 major airlines around the world, creating limitless flight combinations to get you the best deal.

Objectives partnered with Taptica to generate new flight bookings on their website at a strict cost per booking goal.

The Taptica Approach

To reach’s objectives for cost and scale, Taptica launched targeted Facebook campaigns throughout the US and Europe. Tracking downstream user quality indicators including flight searches, checkout initiation, bookings, purchase value, and more, the team was able to quickly identify and convert their highest quality audiences across their two main geos.

Overlaying their own optimization strategies with Facebook’s Lookalike targeting, Taptica was able to effectively reach every corner of the social network to engage both high-potential new audiences and those with a demonstrated propensity for behaviors in alignment with others who had booked flights through in the past.

And, by tracking alternative post-conversion parameters like popular booking destinations, Taptica was able to apply even deeper insights to optimize their creative and targeting strategies to reach’s new users with just the right ad at just the right time.

We’ve been extremely happy with the low CPA and the high number of bookings that Taptica has been generating for on Facebook. Their collection and application of user data is an ace in the hole.” Danilo Campisi, Head of Performance Marketing at


Taptica’s social campaigns for drove strong impact, generating increased site traffic, engagement, and bookings across the board.