Health & Fitness

Runtastic is a leading mobile developer of health & fitness apps globally. Their hit title Runtastic Results helps people improve their health and transform their bodies with customized 12-week plans that use home bodyweight training for dramatic, no-equipment-needed results.


Runtastic partnered with Taptica to drive high quality user acquisition on Pinterest. Together they ran US-targeted campaigns adhering to stringent benchmarks for volume, registrations, and downstream ROI.

The Taptica Approach

The team hit the ground running with a broad initial approach, targeting by general keywords in order to quickly boost scale and collect key audience data for further optimization down the line.

By proactively assessing Pinterest Analytics, Taptica was able to evaluate Runtastic users’ demonstrated interests and relevant Pin categories, providing a more holistic view of their highest quality users and allowing the team to fine-tune keyword banks, strengthen interest targeting parameters, and customize creative messaging for stronger downstream performance.

In this way, Taptica could seamlessly identify and optimize toward Runtastic’s top-performing user interest categories, ultimately driving 90% of all traffic and 85% of total revenue.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the results from our Pinterest campaigns. The way that Taptica collects and adapts on our performance data has allowed us to be incredibly dynamic, and quickly hone in on whatever strategy is working best for a given segment. This has really proven an ideal fit for our US initiatives.” Christine Cuyugan, User Acquisition Manager at Runtastic


Taptica’s Pinterest campaigns consistently hit the developer’s critical quality benchmarks, while increasing volume by 180% monthly. Since their launch, Runtastic campaigns have driven: daily installs 5x over initial benchmarks, ROI goals exceeded by 120%, registration targets topped by 111%, and revenue tripled month-over-month.