Seasun Games is one of the world’s pioneering game software development studios. Their hit mobile game, Clans: Shadow of the Moon, is the #1 free app in the Korean iOS and Android app stores. Clans creates a thrilling fantasy MMORPG experience, where you can fight alongside your friends to overcome enemies and save each of the eight vast worlds.


Seasun Games partnered with Taptica to efficiently drive new user acquisition and retention at a low cost per install for Clans: Shadow of the Moon within Korea.

The Taptica Approach

Taptica focused on engaging new users in Korea with precisely targeted app install campaigns throughout the country, all the while optimizing toward CPI, loyal user rate, and registration rate to ensure that Seasun’s quality goals were achieved. This served to ensure that the Taptica team was always on their toes, making discerning decisions in regards to user targeting and optimization strategy around the clock.

Taptica is a highly professional team that has been very strong in Korea for both iOS and Android. Their mobile team is very strong in data analysis and optimization, and they’ve become our most durable and closest partner.” Wang Yanchun, Senior Marketing Manager at Seasun Games


Taptica’s app install campaigns for Clans: Shadow of the Moon were incredibly successful, driving conversions and quality above Seasun’s goals, including: thousands of weekly installs, an ROI of up to 170% above benchmark goals, and retention rates up to 12% above target.