Food & Drink

A leading European food delivery app partnered with Taptica to drive international user acquisition and boost deliveries for their mobile application. The app serves hungry users around the world, providing the best food from the best restaurants in only 30 minutes.


The developer sought to massively scale their quality userbase throughout 11 key markets. With a focus on acquiring loyal users that would go on to complete subsequent food orders, they joined forces with Taptica to launch large scale mobile app install campaigns across Europe.

The Taptica Approach

Combining their proprietary programmatic technology with additional hands-on optimization strategies, Taptica launched international ad campaigns across a range of high quality and audience-relevant mobile channels.

By automating A/B testing for a range of localized creative and language iterations, the team was able to identify and optimize towards the top-converting ads for every channel and audience segment within each individual market. The team then further refined their approach with additional localization strategies, including custom targeting based on major cities, regional mobile carriers, similar apps, and local cuisines.

Taptica’s mobile campaigns are crushing it. The install volume is fantastic, but the quality of these users is what really has us impressed. The rate of new users completing orders is consistently way above expectations.” Affiliates & Mobile Marketing Manager


Since their launch, Taptica mobile campaigns have generated massive impact for the developer across their 11 key markets: First Order Rate goals surpassed up to 20% on Android and 26% on iOS, the first month’s optimization drives 57% increase in First Order Rate, and the second month’s optimization drives 54% increase in monthly conversions.