The #1 online game publisher in Korea approached Taptica in search of new user acquisition and retention. Their leading title is a groundbreaking new game that brings top-notch visuals, a massive open world, and large-scale PvP battles to life for its millions of users around the world.


The gaming developer joined forces with Taptica to drive acquisition of highly engaged users throughout several major markets in Asia, Europe, and North America. To ensure a high lifetime value on these initiatives, the developer implemented event tracking for tutorial completions, purchases, and overall user retention.

The Taptica Approach

Taptica launched expertly targeted app install campaigns across the developer’s 13 key global markets. By continually assessing and reapplying insights from their post-install user behavior data, Taptica was able to intelligently feed their optimization algorithms and improve their strategy in real time at every step of the process.

The teams also maintained fully-transparent communications on all aspects of campaign performance and downstream quality. While real-time updates from the developer’s BI team enabled more precise optimizations and day-to-day operations, international insights from Taptica’s mobile team kept their strategy on the cusp of innovation with proven trends from around the world.

As a result of these exchanges, the developer began to optimize beyond retentions and tutorial completions alone, concurrently finetuning their approach based on conversion rate, click time to install, and more. This strategy drove fantastic results, with thousands of weekly installs and average retention up to 58% above target.

Taptica has been a solid partner from our initial game launch in Korea, and we have since broadened our reach into new parts of Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe together. We’ve been very happy with the team’s devotion to our campaigns, and their reliable volume in any geo.” User Acquisition Manager


Taptica’s app install campaigns consistently generated large-scale acquisition of highly engaged users at rates that topped the developer’s goals, including: thousands of weekly installs, retention rates nearly 60% above target, and an in-app purchases rate more than 2x the global average.