Social Networking

One of the world’s top social blogging apps partnered with Taptica for large-scale mobile user acquisition campaigns in 9 international markets. On the social platform, nearly 400 million users log in to make friends and share media on their own short-form blogs.


The social app joined forces with Taptica to hone in their end-of-year initiatives with laser focus, seeking to send high quality new user acquisition skyrocketing at a low CPI. By tracking downstream events like day 7 retention, completed registrations, and app opens, the developer was able to secure cost-efficient campaigns that converted highly engaged new users while scaling up in Q4.

The Taptica Approach

The team set out to identify new mobile users that closely matched the core demographics of the app’s most engaged existing audience segments, initially focusing on parameters like age, gender, location, interests, and typical mobile usage patterns.

By adding in an additional layer of targeting based on data from their in-house DMP, Taptica was able to increase the quality of their campaign targeting and messaging to ensure that custom localized ads were served to the most relevant new users across the developer’s 9 key global markets.

 Taptica is amazing to work with. We challenged them with an insane goal of spending quickly while maintaining quality and keeping the cost down – and they absolutely crushed it. Taptica was one of our lowest CPI and highest quality channels. Always knowledgeable and accommodating, I never once doubted their ability to deliver. I look forward to running more campaigns together” Audience Development Lead


Within the scope of their Q4 boost campaigns, the developer experienced significant growth in new user acquisition and engagement, including: nearly 20,000 daily installs, a CPI 82% below benchmark goals, an 18% increase over organic acquisition average, and an 80% increase over organic D7 retention average.