A leading digital agency turned to Taptica to run large-scale mobile subscription campaigns for one of their top video on demand clients.

The VOD brand’s hit mobile app is the ultimate fan experience, allowing users to download full movies and shows and watch them offline anywhere, anytime. With new and original content added every week, users have more choices and more freedom than ever before.


The agency worked with Taptica to run national app install campaigns geared toward highly engaged young adults within the US. By tracking and reporting key downstream behaviors like post-install subscriptions, Taptica could intelligently fine-tune their targeting strategy and optimize campaign parameters to reach the VOD brand’s highest quality audiences across the country.

The Taptica Approach

Utilizing relevant in-app and mobile web placements, Taptica launched targeted CPE campaigns that focused on delivering new users with the highest likelihood for beginning a subscription.

By sharpening their creative strategy with iterations featuring popular original series, as opposed to the brand at large, their audience engagement skyrocketed. As a result, Taptica’s in-house studio set to work generating custom video and static banner creative to coincide with series virality and new premieres.

For example, by aligning their strategy with a hit new show experiencing a surge in popularity during the summer season, Taptica’s ads drove up to 2X more installs and 5X more subscriptions.

Taptica has become one of our top performing vendors for our client, in both volume and user quality. Their personal insights reports have been a great help in discerning overall performance across a range of the advertiser’s most critical KPIs.”Growth Marketing Lead


The VOD brand was so happy with their campaign results that they opted to continue working with Taptica when they migrated from their previous agency earlier this year.