A leading casino game developer joined forces with Taptica to massively scale new users acquisition in Europe. Their app features over 70 of the best slot machines and handsome jackpot payouts, so users can look forward to hours of casino fun of the highest caliber.


The developer approached Taptica with the goal of converting active new mobile users in Germany that would go on to regularly engage with their app down the line.

The Taptica Approach

Optimizing their campaigns towards key user quality parameters like downstream app launches and first-time deposits, the Taptica team was able to hone in on all new audiences for that offered the highest propensity for active post-install engagement and monetization to boost the developer’s bottom line.

And, due to age restrictions surrounding casino games, the team also took extra precautions in sharpening their audience targeting to ensure that ads would only reach mobile users above the age of 18 within their target market.

Taptica has been a strong partner for us in boosting our audience growth on both Android and iOS. We’re very happy to see those numbers continue to climb in alignment with long-term engagement.” Online Marketing Manager


As a result of their targeted mobile performance campaigns, the casino app experienced a major spike in audience growth and engagement from active new users around Germany, including: