According to AppsFlyer, about three in ten apps will be uninstalled within thirty days after the initial download. Similarly, TUNE has also found that 42% of mobile installs are actually reinstalls. So, in order to combat uninstalls and better retain new users from the get-go, advertisers are wise to set out in search of more engaging ad strategies.

One that’s quickly become a standout player in this pursuit? Playable ads.


Exploring Playable Ads


Playable ads are great because they allow potential users to test drive an app before downloading. This makes them an ideal fit for the gaming vertical, first and foremost.

However, since their inception, playable ads have also expanded to verticals far beyond gaming alone. While the name suggests that the ads need to be “played”, playable ads simply offer a glimpse into your app interface, regardless of industry.

For example, Hotel Tonight has adopted playable ads as an interactive way to show users how they can discover hotel deals through the app first hand.


How Do They Perform?


While playable ads sound fun, do they actually work? Many advertisers initially worried that the ads would come off as intrusive or spammy, but the hard data tells quite a different story.

According to Forbes, playable ads drive higher eCPMs than video, and they typically elicit a positive user reaction because they’re more engaging and interactive.

Additionally, playable ads are a great way to help combat ad fraud. That’s because these ads are often skill-based or require a number of intricate actions or clicks, which makes them difficult for bots to bypass.


Best Practices for Playables


When it comes to implementing a formal strategy, there are a few key factors to consider to set yourself up for success. Here are a few for starters:

● Highlight Your Best Features
Carefully determine what the best features of your app are, and A/B test those as ad creative to see what resonates most with your audience.

● Share Just the Right Amount
Playable ads are great way to give your audience a little taste of what your app has to offer. But, to entice people to follow through to the install, it’s important to find a balance between showing off your best features and leaving users wanting to learn more.

● Let Users Opt Out
With big playable units, it’s more important than ever to allow users to exit out of your ad — whether it’s a game, tutorial, or test run. Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than a spammy ad, so leaving the door open in this way helps to maintain a level of trust and prevent frustration from your core audience.

● Measure Your Success
Measuring the performance of your playable ads shouldn’t be a whole lot different than the way you’d measure any other ad unit. Here, engagement rates will be a markedly more important parameter in understanding how well your ad resonates, but at the end of the day it’s still all about installs and downstream user quality.


Are Playable Ads Right for You?


If you’re thinking about testing playable ads to promote your app, the most important things to consider are cost and inventory.

Take a couple tips from our US General Manager, Amit Dar:

● Playable ads can take more time and money to develop, as they deliver mini insights into an app. Therefore, it’s important to assess how they’ll fit into your overall budget.

● Playable ads are still relatively niche. Be sure to carefully explore the available supply before investing your time and resources where they may not fit.


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