Excitement is buzzing over the much-anticipated rollout of 5G. The main draw, of course, being significantly increased mobile device speed for even the most data-guzzling digital activities.

But, outside of the average mobile user experience, what does 5G mean for businesses?

Currently, 37% of business leaders believe that 5G will open up new speed and versatility to do more than 4G allows today. However, 72% still feel stuck when it comes to knowing just how to best leverage the new improvements to step up their digital game plans.

Now, with 87% of mobile users admitting they’ll upgrade to 5G when it becomes available, this is the time to start getting your strategy in order.


What Exactly is 5G?

5G is short for fifth-generation cellular wireless. To understand the impact of 5G, just imagine a service that will make your digital devices almost one hundred times faster than they are today.

The release of 5G is set to deliver three major upgrades:
1. Faster speed, which will improve quality and quantity of data.
2. Less lag time and delays, which will result in better responsiveness.
3. Improved ease to connect to multiple devices at once.

Most new phones will support 5G once it’s widely available, but for now buyers are wise to keep a close watch on what’s real 5G and what’s just false marketing.


How Will It Be Used?

5G is anticipated to disrupt the digital and mobile industries in a number of ways. CNET recently broke down some of the biggest potential impacts to business as we know it:

● In the medical field, improved speed will make it easier for healthcare providers to reach and access patients remotely.

● With 5G’s reduced latency, it will also improve the technology of self-driving cars, making them faster and more responsive to help avoid accidents in real-time.

● Because 5G can accommodate more data, AR capabilities stand to vastly expand and improve as well.


How Will 5G Affect Advertisers?

As 5G quickly moves toward reality, now is the time for advertisers to explore how the new technology will affect their businesses. Lucky for us, the outlook for the mobile ad industry looks very positive. Here a just a few things we can expect:

● Decreased Use of Ad Blockers
Currently, one of the key reasons that people use ad blockers is to avoid slow lead times that they fear could lead to spam. But, if users can instantly see that content without damaging their experience, they’re likely to be more open to what these ads have to offer.

● Better Ad Quality
At Taptica, we’re big believers that better data leads to better-informed ads – from creative content to distribution strategy. With 5G offering faster speeds and improved data quality, the sky will be the limit for dedicated advertisers.

This is especially true when it comes to video ads. That’s because 5G will also contribute to the enhanced display of 4K video, effectively improving the user experience and making video ads all the more impactful.

● Advanced Targeting & Retargeting Capabilities
The advancement of 5G will also make targeting and retargeting simpler. The newly enhanced speeds and data access will only stand to help advertisers derive more detailed information to better connect them with the right digital audiences in the right ways.

● Internet-Connected Devices Will Be More Privy to Ads
While 5G will have a massive impact on mobile users specifically, it will also improve the digital experience on all internet-connected devices across the board. This will make it simpler to run ads across devices, including CTV and OTT services.

● Better Access to Bigger Audiences
5G is intended to help people living in rural areas get better internet connectivity and speed. This also offers additional branded content access to users who may not have been able to engage in the same way before.

With 5G closer than ever, it’s crucial that advertisers start preparing their game plans for the big rollout ASAP.

First steps?

1) Start preparing higher quality ads and revamping your data analysis/application strategies to ensure you have everything you need to cater to a bigger and better digital world.

2) Get excited!