As we start not only a new year, but a new decade as well, we’re sure many of you are writing out the same standard list of resolutions for 2020. While we can’t help you lose 10 pounds or balance your budget, we do know a thing or two about focusing your advertising efforts in the coming year.

Ready to draw up some resolutions that you’ll actually stick to? Here are some goals that everyone in the advertising industry can (and should!) see through in the new year.

Double Down on Digital Video

Digital video advertising will continue to gain traction next year, with eMarketer forecasting that CTV ad budgets and social network video ad spend will both rise by 28% and 23% respectively. No wonder, considering that these marketers found digital video advertising to be more effective than TV.

According to another eMarketer study, your best bet in terms of digital ad format is interactive/shoppable video, followed by unskippable six-second pre-roll and autoplay with the sound off and captions. So, be sure your digital video strategy is up to snuff for 2020.

Pair Mobile & TV Ads

Second-screening will reach an all time high in 2020, with eMarketer forecasting that 71.9% of US adults will use the internet and watch TV simultaneously. It seems mobile devices have made us distractible, but rather than mourning the loss of a captive audience, it’s time for advertisers to view second-screening as an opportunity.

Aki Technologies’ Mobile Ad Receptivity Report found that a full 59% of television viewers are receptive to mobile ads. Recall rates aren’t too shabby either, with survey respondents engaging with mobile ads at a much higher rate while watching TV than while performing other activities, like relaxing in bed or enjoying a meal.

Take advantage of the second-screen phenomenon by investing in complementary television and mobile advertising that reaches consumers wherever they may be. By integrating your campaigns, you increase effectiveness across both channels, driving greater brand awareness, response rates, and — ultimately — profits.

Go Omnichannel

In-store shoppers are checking prices on their phones; online shoppers are picking up in store. If you’re not easing the path to purchase for these omnichannel consumers, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to boost sales.

You may already be offering services across the web, mobile, social, and brick-and-mortar locations, but don’t get multichannel confused with omnichannel. An omnichannel strategy integrates marketing, purchasing, and payment to provide a truly cohesive customer experience.

According to a recent survey, omnichannel engagement boosts customer retention rates by 90% and purchase rates by 250%. So, resolve to capitalize on that opportunity in 2020 with personalized offers that extend across all your channels and a seamless experience wherever customers shop.

Explore Programmatic Audio

Programmatic audio is still the new kid on the block: While 85% of digital display ads are purchased programmatically, trade bodies aren’t even publishing the figures for programmatic audio buys yet. But, with 60% of marketers looking to increase their programmatic audio spend over the next 18 months, it’s high time to get in on a market that is sure to see gains in 2020.

Not only is programmatic buying more efficient, it also allows for more targeted advertising over direct, thanks to its data-driven approach. When it comes to audio, programmatic buying offers the unique opportunity to effectively reach consumers during their many screenless moments, whether at work or on the road.

As digital audio streaming continues to explode, smart speakers become ever more popular, and the industry improves its standardization by leaps and bounds, set your sites on programmatic audio in the new year to take full advantage of a nascent market.

Get Ready for 5G

Fifth-generation cellular wireless, or 5G, is set to make mobile devices 100 times faster, and the first compatible devices are already on the market. With rumors of Apple adopting 5G for its 2020 release, it could be the year that the majority of consumers get their hands on the technology.

For advertisers, that means the potential for better ad content and distribution, especially when it comes to video. With faster speeds and improved data quality, the bounds are limitless. Moreover, enhanced speeds will make targeting and retargeting simpler, as advertisers are able to glean more detailed information to help them reach the right audience with the right message.

Resolve to prepare for the 5G revolution with high-quality ads and optimized data analysis, and you’ll be one step ahead for 2020.

There you have it — advertising resolutions that won’t fall by the wayside by the end of January. We promise they’re easier than making it to the gym every day and probably more effective, too! To learn more about advertising trends as we head into the new year, contact us at