Guest post by Mark Kaefer, Senior Director, Marketing at RhythmOne.

RhythmOne, a Tremor International company, drives real business outcomes in multiscreen advertising. Powered by one of the industry’s most efficient and effective programmatic platforms, they provide innovative solutions for brands to connect with consumers at all stages of the sales and marketing cycles. Taptica will be exhibiting together with RhythmOne at DMEXCO.

It’s go-time for the Digital Marketing Exhibition and Conference (DMEXCO)! Following our news that RhythmOne is expanding its business in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Latin American (LATAM), our team will have a large-scale presence at the event this year as we bring our US successes to international markets.

DMEXCO will see over 41,000 visitors from around the world descend on Cologne, Germany to discover the latest digital trends. With five exhibition halls, numerous conferencing stages, and parties taking place across the city, no digital industry event comes close to the scale of DMEXCO. It’s a key event for many of us in the advertising, marketing, and technology sectors, and the RhythmOne team couldn’t be happier to be there.

Digital has always been a highly lucrative advertising channel, and there is an ever-growing demand for high-quality, targeted campaigns that provide engaging brand experiences to customers. As marketing budgets become tighter during times of uncertainty in Europe, many marketers are looking for the newest, most innovative, and interesting ways to reach audiences – and if you want a sense of what’s coming next in the world of advertising to keep your eye on, then you should look no further than DMEXCO.

Whether you’re an industry newbie or veteran, navigating the 1,000+ exhibits and booths at DMEXCO can be overwhelming. To make it easier for you to make the most of this two-day extravaganza, we have some top tips for your teams.

Tip #1: Think ahead.

We’ve already established that DMEXCO is one of the biggest conferences you’ll probably ever attend in the digital advertising space. This means planning your visit in advance is key if you don’t want to miss out. Identify those targets early, highlight the key sessions you want to attend, and make sure you’ve got those tickets to the best parties well in advance to make your visit as hassle-free as possible.

Tip #2: Get connected.

Navigating this event – even for industry veterans – can be a challenge, so be savvy and download the DMEXCO app. It will be a life saver. The app contains a map and full details of the location of booths, exhibits, and the timings of all of the insightful panels and talks happening throughout the conference. You can also set up your own conference agenda and build a profile to help connect with other attendees. Stay on top of social media and the hashtag #DMEXCO19 to find out what other attendees are talking about and to get involved in the conversation.

Tip #3: Keep your pitch simple.

OK, we love discussing the ins and outs of exchange platforms, SSPs and DSPs as much as the next digital marketing pro. However, if you’re looking to sell at DMEXCO effectively, keeping your pitch clear and concise is key to standing out. With so many businesses with similar offerings all in one place, in our experience it is the ones who can explain in layman’s terms why their solution is best are the ones we remember.

Tip #4: Network, network, network!

We’re all at DMEXCO for business and making those key connections – but while conferences make a great place to network, they’re also an excellent party. Unlike other conferences spread over a week or two, DMEXCO is concentrated into just two days and so Wednesday night is the evening to go out and meet people in an informal setting. If you’re looking to organize follow up meetings on Thursday, make sure you lock these in for the afternoons for everyone’s sake!

There is a real plethora of events taking place at DMEXCO, and it is a great celebration of all that is great and good in our industry. On behalf of all of us at RhythmOne, we hope you enjoy your time at DMEXCO 2019, and hopefully we’ll see you there!

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