Being trustworthy and transparent is currency in today’s digital marketing landscape. It is important that all of us within the industry are doing everything possible to combat fraud, improve the digital advertising experience, and bring trust and transparency to the wider industry.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that Taptica has recently been awarded the IAB’s Gold Standard certification, as well as successfully been awarded the JICWEBS Brand Safety certification. Both qualifications are important steps for Taptica to improve our services and ensure we play an active role in helping to build a sustainable future for digital advertising.

So, what do these qualifications mean?

  1. The IAB’s Gold Standard certification affirms that Taptica has committed to tackling ad fraud through the ads.txt initiative, and that we will endeavour to improve the digital ad experience by adhering to the IAB’s LEAN Principles. Through our Gold Standard certification, we have implemented changes to both technology platforms and processes covering ad fraud, brand safety and user experience, with compliance criteria tailored to each part of the value chain.
  2. JICWEBS is an independent UK organisation that sets best practice and standards for trusted online ad trading.  Our JICWEBS certification confirms increased brand safety, aimed at significantly reducing the risk of misplacement of advertising across the digital trading ecosystem, through complying with the seven key principles.

These certifications are huge achievements in our efforts to create and support a sustainable future for online advertising. We’re proud to be recognised for our work, and we are committed in continuing to set high standards, as well as advocate for transparency and trust as we identify new ways to reach the right audiences.