The sixth annual TUNE Postback conference was one for the books.

From the signature opening musical number from CEO Peter Hamilton, to a side-splitting keynote from the one and only James Veitch, and right down to every connection and conversation in between.

Both on and off the main stage, there was so much to learn and so many incredible people to meet. And, with content themes including: life beyond GDPR, unlocking new mobile data, omni-channel initiatives, tackling mobile fraud, and much much more, it was also one of the most diverse and actionable programs to date.

Couldn’t make it out to Seattle this year? Not to worry. We’ve got all the inside scoop from the conference floor. Here are Taptica’s top 3 takeaways from Postback 2018:


1. Reinstalls Are Kind of a Big Deal


One of the hottest topics around the water cooler this year was reinstalls.

This hardly comes as a surprise, seeing that Postback fell hot on the heels of a fresh new TUNE report detailing how a full 42% of all mobile app installs are actually reinstalls.

So, what’s the latest on leveraging this unique behavior pattern? Knowing that the reengagement opportunity is not to be missed.

Understanding just how much of your audience is uninstalling/reinstalling your app just goes to show how important it is to reengage your users in the right way at the right time to bring them back like you know you can.

Also remember that winning back your former users is a serious win. These are people who have an existing relationship with your brand and are returning with a specific intent to reengage. It’s time to stop viewing the uninstall as the final step of the user journey!

For more details on reinstalls, you can check out the full TUNE report right here.


2. Don’t Ignore the Rise of the Agency Relationship


The face of the mobile advertising ecosystem is changing every day, and one of the most prominent (and perhaps most enigmatic) faces in the industry today is the agency.

This week, we heard from the experts at Digitas, M&C Saatchi, Yodel Mobile, and more as they got into the nitty gritty of the modern-day agency’s role in the mobile world. Here’s their insider take:

For larger brands in particular, there is a level of trust established with an agency partner – and this isn’t something that any third party should take lightly. With the ever-increasing importance of brand safety and with ad fraud becoming a household term, agencies are an essential line of defense for countless brands around the world.

The best bet for any vendor is to value the trust that exists between client and agency, and find a way to make yourself a valuable and trustworthy part of that relationship.

Remember that this integration should never be about competition, but rather about how the agency and vendor can most effectively collaborate in the interest of the advertiser’s bottom line.


3. It Takes a Village…


As the industry continues to diversify and become increasingly fragmented, every player needs to keep in mind what’s truly important – the end-user.

We heard some great insights from top reps at OneSignal, Localytics, mParticle, and more on how mobile marketing partners can come together across every corner of the ecosystem to better and more efficiently contribute to the greater good. That is, a more seamless and holistic experience across channels and digital platforms for every person we touch along the consumer journey.

It’s time for DSP, SSP, DMP, CDP, MMP (and about every other acronym we’ve got) to come together. And more importantly, it’s time for us to break down the silos and better connect our pre- and post-sale activities to more fully encompass the entire customer lifecycle at each and every critical touchpoint.


As always, Postback 2018 was just as much about what happened on the main stage as what happened offstage and on the conference floor. With marketing execs and practitioners from across the ecosystem and around the world, we found ourselves in great company, learning from the best and brightest that the industry has to offer. Thank you for another amazing year, TUNE!