Move over Millennials… In 2019, Gen Z will officially become the most populous generation, making up about 32% of the world’s total population. Generation Z is made up of anyone born between 1995 and 2012 – best known as the generation that has never lived without the Internet.

As increased attention turns toward this high-potential new cohort, advertisers are investing more time and money to understand what makes Gen Z tick, how to earn their trust, and how to successfully advertise to this tech-savvy young audience.


How Does Gen Z Use Mobile?


To effectively target Gen Z, you need a good understanding of their typical mobile behaviors. For example:

● Overall, this generation spends more time on mobile than any other, averaging 11 hours per week.

● Gen Zers are big fans of video, consuming a staggering 68 videos per day across five different platforms. (Bear in mind that 50% of digital videos are now viewed on mobile in a vertical format.)

● Before making a purchase, Gen Zers are twice as likely as Millennials to refer to YouTube for recommendations and reviews.

● 40% use Snapchat to post or send videos, and 36% use it to post or send selfies in particular.

● Gen Z uses Facebook primarily to discover, share, or create events.


How Does Gen Z Feel About Ads?


This group of tech-savvy mobile users knows how to spot an ad a mile away, along with how to skip or block that ad, or how to use it to their advantage. But what’s their general sentiment toward ads?

● Gen Z is actually okay with ads. Only 11% of teens believe there are too many ads on Instagram and Snapchat.

● These users are more open to seeing ads that provide rewards. An impressive 41% of Gen Zers react positively to mobile ads that offer rewards.

● But, they also want the option to opt out. Gen Z will quickly skip video ads after 9.5 seconds, whereas Gen X tends to wait about 12.6 seconds.


What Kind of Content Does Gen Z Want from Their Ads?


Unlike the generations before them, Gen Zers are no strangers to having ads thrown at them from every direction. This can pose a challenge to advertisers seeking to reach this savvy, and arguably more skeptical, audience.

This, of course, is not to say that they’re a lost cause when it comes to digital ads. Instead, advertisers need to become more intimately familiar with what these users want to see, and tailor their experiences accordingly. When it comes to seeing ads on mobile, here’s what’s most important to Gen Zers:

● 62% prefer ads that feel native to their feeds. Gen Z prefers ads that feel organic and native to their feed… think: influencer posts, rather than a one-size-fits-all ad.

● They want content that entertains and educates. While Millennials and Baby Boomers use social media to stay in touch with friends and family, Gen Z is more likely to use social media to find entertainment. Of course, your ads should follow suit.

● They’re most likely to positively react to and engage with day-in-the-life videos, behind-the-scenes videos, and how-to content.

● Generation Z resonates with ads for brands that contribute to the greater good. 90% of this audience claims they want to buy products from a company that is addressing key social or environmental issues. On top of that, 94% believe that companies have a real responsibility to contribute to major issues facing society today.

● They like to see diversity. In general, Gen Z is a progressive generation, and they expect advertisers to be diverse and inclusive as well.


As Generation Z (and their spending potential) continues to grow, it’s high time that digital advertisers start adjusting their strategies to engage them where and how they’re most active on mobile.

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